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    sometimes the ones we love the hurt the most are the closest the ones that we love the least the most love hurt sometimes

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    André-Pierre Arnal in Supports/Surfaces at Canada in NYC.

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    We haven’t yet finished speaking of love 
    we haven’t yet finished smoking our cigs 
    we wonder why the Courts condemn 
    a murderer so beautiful 
    he pales the day. 

    Stick your enraptured body to mine 
    which dies from buggering 
    the softest sweetest scoundrel 
    in weighing in wonder your round blond balls 
    my cock of black marble pierces you 
    to the heart. 

    Jean Genet | Le Condamné à mort 

    Photos: Saint Sebastian | by  Antonio De Bellis, Kishin Shinoyama, Jarman, Unknown 

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  11. "The first thing I do when I get to my studio is turn off my mobile and take off my clothes"
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    this is very telling! i love it!

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  13. Yves Tanguy, painter and true goblin

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    by Kristian Wahlin, for Emperor's debut album In The Nightside Eclipse

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    Vanishing foam, 2014